Fishpond Lease Agreement Application

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In addition to the conditions contained in the rental agreement, a tenant of fishing ponds is required: in the meantime, Remia Aparri, director of BFAR 6, said that the directive is very current and that the law stipulates that the eaux-de-vie of abandoned ponds must be cancelled. development of 50% of the area and production on a commercial scale within three (3) years; and the remaining portion of the territory must be operated and produced on a commercial scale within five (5) years, i.e. both periods from the date of execution of the lease. Are allowed to rent public forest areas for fishing pond purposes: one (1) copy of the duplicate/Xerox of the sketch of the area. Note: The application and the sketch of the area are forwarded to the Regional Forestry Office`s Composite Land Classification Team, which collects, classifyes and zozons the area according to the prescribed classification criteria. After correct identification and classification, the Land Classification Committee, through its secretariat, presents the report of the survey, together with its commentary and recommendation. Most recent report on improvements certified by the Regional Director or his or her authorized representative. According to the report, 50% of the area was built if the permit or lease was maintained for three (3) years and that the entire area should be fully exploited if it was held for five (5) years or more. The procedures for converting existing 10-year leases into 25-year fishing pond leases, and the actual inhabitants of the fishing ponds due to past annual authorizations, who regularly pay the rents, are therefore required to enter into a 25-year fishing pond lease for the area. Once the FLAs are cancelled, the property will be returned to the government. The agency concerned will decide whether what is done with the fishing pond depends on the status. She said there were areas that could no longer be used as a fishing pond.

Otherwise, BFAR will recommend the Aquasilvi cultural project. Where the Ministry of Natural Resources certifies the area as available for fishing pond purposes, the Director of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources shall direct the Regional Director concerned to carry out the necessary examinations and inspections of the area in accordance with the procedure laid down for that purpose. Note: If the area is involved in a conflict or legal proceedings, this matter must be thoroughly investigated. All subsequent measures upon request are postponed until the final settlement of the conflict or case. Certificate of assumption of the rental rights and interests of the fishing pond area by the Development Bank of the Philippines At a press conference on Tuesday evening, attended by the heads of the ministry`s affiliated agencies, Piñol said that unused and unproductive pond areas would be removed. Reasons for Rejection of Lease Application: After approval, the 25-year lease for the fishing pond is returned to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, which in turn informs the tenant of its authorization….

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