Collaboration Protocol Agreement Cpa

Sep 14, 2021 von

Delivery channels and transport protocols. (HTTP, SMTP, etc.) TPA properties include name, partner name, start and end date, rolls, and other parameters. Typically, one party generates a CPA and offers it to the other party for approval. Once both parties have reached an agreement, they each take an electronic copy of the same CPA and use it to configure their systems. Based on each partner`s CPP, two partners try to coordinate their technical skills at the different levels of the collaboration protocol and the consistent results in the EBMS CPA document are communication-neutral, although the most often underlying underlying protocols are HTTP and SMTP. The information agreed by both parties includes BPSS documents, choreography (requests, responses, order) and message exchange parameters: transport (protocol, security, addresses), document exchange (protocol, security) and information coltization. . . .

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