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The room allocations will be published at the end of June. You will receive an email from University Housing congratulating you on your task, with instructions on how to view your task and roommates` contact details on the MyPack portal. Campus safety is a shared responsibility. University Housing works with university police and the Fire Protection campus to inform and inform residents about safety issues. Each residential building is equipped with the most modern smoke detection and fire detection systems connected to the campus police office. Yes, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. There is no penalty for terminating your housing contract if you do not attend university. To cancel your application, send a written request by email to or call our office at (970) 491-4719 to the Fall Assignments will be emailed in mid-July to each student`s Appalachian email address. This email contains the student`s dormitory, room number, roommate`s contact information and the assigned move-in day and allotted time.

Please note that your room can only be allocated if you (and your parents/legal guardians, if you are under 18 at the time of your application) have signed and concluded your residence permit contract. University Housing assigns incoming residents who request a random selection of roommates based on responses to the lifestyle questionnaire in the university housing app. We try to assign only roommates with students who match most of their answers to the questionnaire and who are in an age range of one year. We also try to assign first-year incoming students with other first-year students. Before requesting a room change, we advise you to speak to your roommate or resident assistant (RA) to get help with any problems that may arise. To request a room change, log in to the University Housing Portal and send a room change request. University Housing staff will contact you about your application. Once you have been authorized to change rooms, you have 48 hours to complete your move. The most common cause of roommate conflicts is the little things that are only addressed when they seem huge: clothes scattered around the room or the number of guests your roommate has or the lights on or the window left open. Associated with these types of problems, it is necessary to integrate and accept the multiple living traditions of many different cultures and backgrounds here on campus. The priority deadline for on-campus applications (mandatory for beginning students who complete high school less than 12 months before classes begin at Appalachian, regardless of credit hours) ends May 31 at 11:59 p.m.

University Housing will continue to accept applications from new students after this deadline, but roommate selection features and changes to existing applications are not available. RoomSync opens in mid-April and is available until early July. If you have any questions, please contact students admitted to a Residential Learning Community (CLR) are assigned to another student admitted to the same CLR. It is therefore recommended that students who wish to become roommates apply for the same RLCs. Students who apply for RLCs and have a roommate preference should make sure that their desired roommate has also applied to the same DRLCs. In the event that a student who has applied for a CLR chooses a roommate who is not, the CLC application cannot be considered. All students should enter into the agreement between roommates, roommates or roommates at the university when they move in. This agreement between roommates, roommates or roommates ensures that everyone`s rights are respected and that the roommates have discussed their expectations while sharing a room. .

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