Power Purchase Agreement Origin

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In 2017, Vattenfall and Microsoft signed a 10-year power purchase agreement in which the Wieringermeer wind farm will operate Microsoft`s nearby data center. Electricity purchase contracts, PPAs, are a growing priority for the renewable energy industry. But what is an AAE and what are the chances? Hanno Mieth of Vattenfall Trading gives an overview. An electricity supply contract is a long-term electricity supply contract between an operator (seller) and an electricity customer (buyer). The buyer can be an intermediary or an energy supplier or a large direct industrial consumer such as a computer company that needs renewable energy for its computing centers. Agreements are usually signed for up to 10 years, but short-term AAEs are also possible. Last week, Origin also announced an agreement with French solar developer Neoen to purchase all large product certificates (LGC) from a 10.6 MW solar farm for the supply of the DeGrussa copper and gold mine in Western Australia. With a physical AAE, electricity is delivered to the buyer via the electric grid (PPA Direct). Electricity can also be delivered to the buyer`s regular supplier and the supplier exploits the volume of AAEs against buyer consumption (Sleeved PPA), allowing the buyer to continue its relationship with its current supplier.

In the case of decentralized production (where the generator is on a construction site and the energy is sold to the building occupants), commercial PPAs have developed as a variant allowing companies, schools and governments to source directly from the generator and not from the distribution company. This approach facilitates the financing of distribution-related production facilities, such as photovoltaics, micro-turbines, alternative piston engines and fuel cells. Origin Energy is responsible for the installation, monitoring and maintenance of the solar system for the duration of the agreement. The company is committed to developing renewable energy for the purchase of a volume of energy at a predetermined price (fixed, indexed, limited, etc.) over 5 to 20 years. In return, it receives the energy produced and the associated guarantee of origin and participates directly in the creation of new renewable energy facilities. The AAEs signed for the supply of heat are designed especially in wind and solar areas. There are also AAEs with a diet that is more virtual than physical. Here, green electricity is traded on the Electricity Exchange. This type of agreement covers market risk and covers electricity supply with original guarantees (GO). What are ASAs? What are the types of AAEs? What are the prospects for AAEs and what could be the PPP formulas that work? Hanno Mieth, head of Vattenfall Trading for the development of electricity purchase contracts for existing wind turbines and new investments in solar electricity in Germany, gives an overview. Traditionally, if business customers wanted to buy Solar, they would have to buy the solar installation directly or under finance.

As a general rule, companies would also meet the system`s maintenance and monitoring obligations. With a renewable AAE, you can enter into an agreement of 5 years to 15 years only; where you buy the energy produced by the system with a rate of solar energy during this period.

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