Coldwell Banker Buyer Agreement

Apr 9, 2021 von

As another important part of the marketing process, our agents offer open houses for potential buyers who want a low pressure atmosphere. If you have an open house, you should not expect it to generate a sale, at least not directly. What you can expect are increased demonstrations of your home after the event, whether it`s calls to your broker or attendees returning with their agent. Let`s start with the right to represent the buyer. Why does it matter? If you can`t accept the following, you may not be ready to sign a buyer brokerage contract. The agreement should describe the nature of the property to be acquired and its price range. For example, if the property to be acquired is described as a detached house, you are free to follow a 20-unit building through another real estate agent. If the acquisition parameters limit the contract to real estate in a particular county and you decide to buy in a neighboring county, you are not bound by the terms of your buyer brokerage contract. Giving a real estate agent the „exclusive right to sell“ your property does not mean that there will be no other brokers. Your agent is the agent of the list and part of his job is to market your home to other agents working with buyers.

These agents show your home to your clients. No matter who sells the house, even if you sell it yourself to a friend at work, your listing agent will earn a commission. A „single show“ is, in many ways, like an open list, as it is most used by real estate agents who display an FSBO (for sale by the owner) to one of their clients. The home seller signs the agreement that identifies the potential buyer and guarantees a commission to the real estate agent if the buyer buys the house. This prevents the buyer and seller from negotiating directly later and trying to avoid paying the agent`s commission. If the offer is not acceptable to the seller, further negotiations may be necessary to obtain acceptable terms for both the buyer and the seller. Counter-offers are common, so it is important that you stay in close contact with your Coldwell bank agent during the negotiation process to verify and respond quickly to the proposed changes. The buyer, buyer`s representative and broker representing your agent will all be seated at the table when you close the sale and hand over the keys.

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