Checkpoint Service Level Agreement

Apr 8, 2021 von

Softcat`s Check Point managed firewall service provides 24/7 support from a UK-based operations centre. Our experienced engineers have The Status of Check Point Master, the highest level of certification that allows you to access top-notch technical resources. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide a top-noted response and settlement time. Take advantage of all the benefits of Collaborative Enterprise Premium support as well as the ability to have a Check Point Engineer on site for critical service responses. Get extensive access to our large self-service knowledge base and a committed response time of 30 minutes to severe level 1 problems. Softcat`s Check Point Managed firewall service offers remote firewall management, fast reaction times, a plethora of expertise and personalized service. With the largest number of Check Point Masters of any certified partner in Europe, our team offers a leading SLA response time to Priority One incidents. We take the time to establish a relationship with you, to understand your environment and your goals. This means that we are able to find the most appropriate solution and understand your company`s critical priorities in the event of a problem. Our close relationship with Check Point allows for rapid escalation and quick problem solving. Get quick escalation, access to a premium support technician and expert access to our self-service knowledge base. We offer an end-to-end managed service to ensure your problems are resolved effectively. Our process begins when a problem is reported and the team works to provide a solution and get you back online as soon as possible.

Our ALS provides industry-leading hardware updates to maximize operating time. Softcat`s Check Point Managed firewall service supports the day-to-day management of your company`s Check Point firewalls. Our 24/7 remote firewall service monitors your devices 24 hours a day, provides updates, technical assistance with direct escalation at Check Point when needed, applies best safety practices and reduces the overall load of your internal security team. Under a standard ALS, you can request as many changes as your business needs, at no extra cost. This means you have exactly what you need without worrying about costs. 1 For the determination of the authorization of the return equipment up to 15:00 regional lifting time; Otherwise, delivery will take place the following day with a one-day conversion of the delivery destination.2 Available at more than 250 sites worldwide.3 Next Flight Out/Express Delivery is available in the European Union and the Americas. Devices are shipped during normal business hours and can arrive outside business hours. Note: UTM-1 Edge/600/700/1100 /1400/1500 RMA will be delivered the following business day for all SLAs. On-site service for SG82/SG86 – DDoS-Appliances only includes product exchange (without technician) Check Point Support helps you maximize your technology to gain a competitive edge in your business.

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