Aircraft Escrow Agreement

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If you hire an agent, make sure you hire a serious business with a lot of support. The person associated with the transaction should communicate competently, reacting, proactively and regularly on the status of the transaction. In addition to the closing documents, the fiduciary takes over the funds related to the transaction. The first deposit is sent to the fiduciary agent, who then creates a file for the transaction and starts the process of searching for pledges. Buying and selling a corporate aircraft is rarely, if at all, done in this way. Instead, a typical transaction will involve the use of a trust fund (and sometimes more than a trust) to deal with the logistical complexities of the conclusion. In extreme cases: (1) the buyer is in a location, (2) the seller is in another location, (3) the aircraft is located in a third location, (4) the aircraft is registered on the seller`s website, (5) the buyer must re-register the aircraft at its location, (5) the buyer uses the financing and the buyer`s bank must deposit a mortgage on the buyer`s place. ( 6) the seller also has a bank that must be repaid to release his mortgage on the seller`s website and (7) neither the buyer nor the seller are qualified to inspect the aircraft or carry out the necessary repairs on the aircraft. Often, these transactions are spread over multiple time zones.

In rare cases, an agent is contractually required to take action (for example. B, unlock deposit funds to the seller), but receives a contradictory claim and a threat from the buyer who refuses this release. This will require the agent to either act in accordance with the trust agreement (and risk legal action) or freeze (and risk legal action by the other party). If no fiduciary agent is used and the funds are sent directly to the seller, there is no external intermediary who holds the funds, who is required to follow all the litigation procedures described in the sales contract. If a dispute arises and the seller has already received payment directly from the buyer, the buyer may find himself in a very weak trading position. When purchasing a new or used aircraft, one of the most important members of the transaction team is the fiduciary agent. The agent follows the incoming documents and informs all parties when all the necessary documents for the closing have been received. The agent also prepares FAA title searches and priority searches of the International Registry to ensure that ownership of the aircraft is transferred freely and without any pledges or charges. As a general rule, following the purchase of an aircraft, the agent will submit to the FAA Aircraft Registration Application (AC Form 8050-1), the FAA Bill of Sale (AC Form 8050-2), a declaration of support for registration if the buyer is a limited liability company and an FAA Entry Pointing Form (AC Form 8050-135).

In addition, the agent will file a statement on international transactions if the buyer has immediate flight needs outside the United States. When will a trust fund fail? A trustee is as good as the trust agreement that creates it. If there is no agreement or if the agreement is not clear, the agent will only respond to the common instructions of the parties. In some cases, if the transaction is done regularly without controversy, it will work. However, if the parties disagree during the transaction, the unsoverned trust will be blocked.

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