Agreement Invitation

Apr 8, 2021 von

The tendering process is a controversial subject. In Spencer/Harding[7], the defendants offered to sell shares in the offer, but the court found that there was no promise to sell to the highest bidder, but only an invitation to offers that they could accept or refuse as they pleased. In exceptional circumstances, a tender may be an offer, such as in Harvela Investments/Royal Trust of Canada [1986][8], where the court found that the tender was an offer accepted by the person who made the highest bid because the defendants had expressed an intention to accept the highest bid. The Harvela case also highlighted the nullity of „reference offers“ (for example. B“ $2,100,000 or $101,000 above any other offer you may receive, higher, as in Harvela`s case, because they are „contrary to public order and not to cricket.“ If we live only on our differences, are we all doomed to „be part of the problem“? Or can we all be part of the solution from man? Let`s rigorously examine and urgently accelerate the Human Unity Project`s deeply practical, economic and prudent initiative to ensure the safety and overall of our life and environment on Earth. In particular, it seems that we have discovered how we can dry up the basic motivations of terrorists and even annihilate our unsustainable wars. These scourges seem to come from a global paradigm of zero-sum controversy assistance. This now „loose-loose“ paradigm, calculated from the nature and primacy of our shared interests, is totally outdated and inseevesable. The paradigm is blind to the supreme question and the unique ability of ourselves, as human beings, to connect and connect with all individuals, different groups and institutions of the world. Let`s look at: „We are all human beings.“ It is our first and empirically obvious topicality that opens us all the way, from the agreement that we ourselves are of human beings, through implicit and explicit levels of convergence, through human universality, through the reasonable applications of our agreements to guarantee the security and the whole of our life and our environment on earth.

How can these priorities – which are shared as human beings – be achieved through action steps? Let us take the initiative for human concern We develop series operations, simultaneous, human-centered, for – the agreement that we are all human, an original and incomparably practical agreement beyond any disagreement. To appreciate man, the quintessence of our life. Including us as human beings, all of us on earth. Focus directly on the man of our lives, holistically, with all our countless differences. Deepen contacts with journalists, artists and others with effective resources to spread the message of human unity in the world. To account, celebrate and involve all human beings in the realization of the common human priorities of all.

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