Warehouse Management Service Agreement

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When you enter into the contract, you look at the services, services, standards and prices associated with the 3PL contract and your company`s requirements. In most cases, 3PL contracts are for three years or more. Ask these questions while checking a 3PL contract for your business: addendums can be updated later as separate documents if services, standards and costs change. Negotiating a 3PL contract requires a combination of business acumen and legal advice. Our blog about how suppliers negotiate agreements helps you manage expectations and get a mutually beneficial deal. Read: 9 Reflections that suppliers evaluate when negotiating dealsThey are the most important conditions and problems we often encounter when we support companies that engage with a 3PL partner: stock losses can occur due to paper problems, computer problems, processing errors and theft. Many 3PL inventory systems and processes are fully barcoded and have high accuracy. The agreement should have indicated a loss of contraction, usually up to 0.5% contraction. This means that the customer records the first loss of 0.5% and that the 3PL takes the cost above 0.5%.

This is generally calculated on the basis of actual costs over an annual period. But the monthly responsibility for inventory accuracy, for example. B the stock valuation trajectory, allows you to better manage all stock losses. The 3PL is not responsible for the negligence of customers, agents or shipowners in the management of stocks. Keep in mind that stock is one of the largest balance sheet investments in retail and e-commerce. Most agreements stipulate that the stock is acquired by the customer for use during the sale to the customer. The customer supports insurance against loss and accident. The customer also pays for transport directly by the sellers, unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Some agreements have a Warehouseman`s Link Against Inventory for the costs incurred during the performance. The 3PL may reserve all rights and remedies under current legislation. The 3PL also does not assume responsibility for product claims or guarantees. If product recalls are required, 3PL is immediately notified and recalls are made quickly.

What insurance will each party keep in effect during the agreement? What`s the dollar cover? Typical insurance is: agreements often have automatic renewal clauses. In these contracts, the contract is renewed, unless the customer informs the 3PL of the termination within a specified period before the end of the contract. Most often, this period is 90 days. Remember that it takes months to select a new 3PL and months to move your business elsewhere.

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