Section 13 Tenancy Agreement

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Leases may include clauses that can be used to increase rent for the fixed period. Your landlord does not need your consent to increase the rent after the end of your life. You can refuse the increase and continue to pay your rent as before, but the landlord can initiate an eviction procedure from you. A written agreement should be prepared by the owner. This can be done by e-mail with the tenant and should clearly specify the new rent increase agreed by both parties and the date from which the rent increase begins. You don`t need to extend if the old rent has expired, you are now on a legal periodic lease. This form can be used either by a landord or by a tenant to propose changes under a periodic tenancy agreement. If you have a rental price verification clause, your landlord can generally increase your rent at certain times during the fixed tenancy period, without giving you notice in accordance with point 13. As noted above, if you have a periodic lease agreement that contains a lease clause, the terms of that clause must be respected and section 13 cannot be used. Hello, thanks for the help, and why not my lease? Wouldn`t it just jostle and if I sign fo I sign a return date in April or today? Sorry, there are a lot of questions that I signed an inventory about moving into the real estate building had control to order the owner to the concrete kitchen, how was a wooden house had made rats n mice everywhere now, but the standard of work is terrible contractor and the pipes leaking left so half the ground inflated my owner said he didn`t have to do a new inventory to do , but I do not want that finger pointed at me, if the same dirty contractor has once again made a pig`s ear at all with persistent problems for mnths now!😐 All you have to do is send an email to the tenant and tell them that, in accordance with clause X , you are proposing to increase the rent by 2% please, please to confirm that this is acceptable and that they still wish to renew the rental agreement.

With all tenants insured, landlords can increase the rent after the original fixed period if it is specified in the tenancy agreement or if the tenant accepts the increase. In the lease agreement, there may be a rent increase clause that would have been agreed and signed at the beginning of the lease. You must apply before the start date of your rent increase, as you can see in your section 13. This form should only be used by an insured tenant.

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