Sample Student Hostel Agreement

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The landlord must also confirm to the tenant the amount of the deposit paid, the address of the property to which the rental contract relates and the contact details of the landlord and tenant. It informs the tenant of the circumstances in which the surety may be withheld in whole or in part 0 by the lessor with respect to the terms of this tenancy agreement. Residence Address: Hringbraut 29, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland Tel: `354 510 2828 E-mail: info Website: 4.1 The lease is valid for a fixed period, as stated on page 1 of this agreement. . Inventory: The list of property of the owners in the dwelling that was signed by. 2.2 The payment of the municipal tax if it is collected during the term of the contract. The term: 12 months, from July 1, 20XX, expires On June 30, 20XX 6.6.5 All references to „he,“ „he“ and „being“ are called „them,“ „you“ and „you.“ . 2.15 The tenant or his clients cannot smoke in the dwelling. 2.10 Use or occupy the property in no other way than as a private residence.

. . . The lessor accepts that the tenant may reside in the property without unwarranted interruption of the property of the owner or a person who claims the owner to Or trusts the owner. . 2.1 Payment of rent at hours and in the manner of the above. 2.7 Do not modify or complete the property or, without the prior written consent of the lessor, proceed with an alteration or painting of the property. c) facilities located in the property for space heating and heating water. 2.16 inform the owner of a deterioration of the property or property, installation, installation and effects, regardless of the cause. . No content on our website may be used or reproduced for commercial purposes. Student Hostel reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time.

This rental agreement includes the above instructions and printed terms and conditions, the property being herein leased by the owners and taken over by the tenant for the duration of the tenancy. (c) may, in one way or another, affect the validity of the insurance of the assets and property in the inventory or cause an increase in the premium payable by the lessor. (for a furnished house on a secure shorthold rental contract) . 3.1 Insure the property and objects in the inventory and do everything reasonably possible to repair the damage caused by an insured risk as quickly as possible. . „individual person,“ a portion of less than 9 people; . . . .

. 6.6.1 The „lessor“ includes persons who are entitled from time to time to rent 5.2 The landlord accepts that the lessor has counted the tenant as much as possible after the lease is found, so that the landlord, at the time of the liquidation of the tenancy agreement, has a breach or non-performance of his obligations by the tenant. The costs and expenses that flow from them. The landlord must pay the tenant a balance of this amount. The lessor follows the procedures of the system in question to request the recovery of the bond or to settle a dispute over the recovery of all or part of the bond. 3.2 Repair (if provided by the owner): . 3.3 However, the lessor is not required to carry out work for which the tenant is responsible in an appropriate manner because of his obligation to use the property.

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