Macedonia Bulgaria Agreement

Dez 12, 2020 von

On Tuesday, Bulgaria vetoed the opening of talks on northern Macedonia`s accession to the European Union, citing differences over the interpretation of Macedonia`s heritage. After Northern Macedonia changed its name, thus abandoning all pretensions to the history of ancient Greece under the Prespa agreement, Northern Macedonia is very sensitive to questions of its identity. 3. By mutual agreement, the two sides hold joint celebrations of common events and historical figures, with the aim of strengthening their good neighbourly relations in the spirit of European values. Prespa is a perfect example of how to compromise between two ethnic groups using diplomacy and European values. By inserting the geographical terms „North“ on behalf of our country, thus separating Macedonia from northern and Greek Macedonia, we have built a bridge between our nations. It is an agreement that can serve as a model around the world. In 2019, Northern Macedonia overst through a major hurdle to EU membership by reaching an agreement with Greece on its official name. Talks on Bulgarian allegations about Macedonia`s historical and linguistic origin have stalled again. This treaty does not undermine the bilateral and multilateral agreements to which the parties are parties. 2. This contract may be amended by written appointment between the two parties. The amendments are agreed by diplomatic means and come into effect in accordance with paragraph 1 of this article.

Bilateral agreements between Skopje and Sofia were signed stating that they were written in the official languages of both countries. It seems that Bulgaria wants the same regime at EU level. These are not simple questions. Athens has succeeded in resolving issues such as name and even language with the signing of the hotly disputed Prespes agreement with Skopje in June 2018, and in support of the instability of the Greek ratification procedure for the January 2019 treaty, which effectively destroyed the ruling left-wing nationalist coalition government and replaced it with a one-party government that governed inoperative until voters firmly rejected it. July 2019. but to keep the agreements with Skopje in force.

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