Lake Babine Nation Agreement

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The B.C government stated that the agreement offered immediate and financial land benefits totalling approximately $200 million, while setting the conditions for the negotiation of other agreements, such as self-management and Aboriginal titles. „At a time when the pandemic has increased systemic problems and long-standing inequalities, today`s signing is a welcome example of the recognition of the progress that can be made to address these gaps by promoting self-determination,“ Bennett said in the press release. Canada supports national efforts to rebuild indigenous people… „We are signing this agreement today without sacrificing our rights, title and future interests and the rest of our territory. Quite the opposite. This agreement is about the recognition and implementation of our rights and title. Prime Minister John Horgan, who was not present because of a conflict of agenda, briefly showed up at the B.C. Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation call Minister Scott Fraser. He said the agreement „shows not only each other, but also the rest of the world, that Canada, British Columbia and the Aboriginal people will be on the same side in the future.“ Alec says the agreement also outlines how the three levels of government will work together to enact the Rights and Title of the First Nation on its territory in Central B.C. The agreement provides initial financial benefits of $43 million and land benefits of approximately $150 million in the form of 20,000 hectares. Chief Gordon Alec, a long-time group council elected chief in 2018, dedicated the signature to the nation`s children. The Lake Babine Nation Foundation Agreement provides a progressive roadmap on how the nation and provincial and federal governments will work together through constructive dialogue on a number of commitments that will create the conditions for negotiating other agreements.

The foundation agreement aims to strengthen ties between the nation, governments and industry to increase prosperity for all in the region. The agreement provides immediate land and financial benefits totalling approximately $200 million, while creating the conditions for negotiating other agreements, such as self-management and Aboriginal titles. It provides a roadmap on how Lake Babine Nation and provincial and federal governments will work together to implement self-management, stimulate economic development, collaborate on important land and resource decisions, and promote community health and well-being. It contains a number of commitments, both early measures and long-term areas of work, which are gradually building on each other. OTTAWA, ON, September 18, 2020 /CNW/ – Lake Babine Nation, Canada and the Province of British Columbia have signed a new reconciliation agreement that lays the foundation for a 20-year journey to the implementation and recognition of the rights and title of the Babine Lake Nation, leading to greater prosperity, partnership and economic development that benefits all the people of the region for future generations. Asked if the agreement resembled the ongoing process with wet`suwet`s nation, which shares a territorial border with Babine Lake, Alec said it was „completely different.“ „The agreement will improve the Babine Lake Nation`s participation in the forest sector so that they can directly benefit from the region`s forest resources, and there will also be an economic boost for the entire region,“ said Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forestry, Land, Resource Operations and Rural Development.

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