Kata Kata Wedding Agreement

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Aldi often attends dance seminars to learn entrepreneurship in dance and advises Tari to be patient. Friends tease Aldi when they meet. Once, Bian, who picked up Tari from the seminary, met with Aldi and asked Tari not to be close to aldi. Aldi also stopped at Bian`s house because he was delivering Mama Bian`s bail, a jealous bian uttered words that insulted Tari. Discover hashtag Novelweddingagrement Instagram Photos In fact, the cause of all the events in the Bian Movie Wedding Agreement is the mistake that Sarah made too easily a promise. At first, Sarah tried to get Bian Tari married. Bian tries to promise Sarah that Bian will divorce after Bian married Tari for a year. In the evening, Tari went to see with Ami, but Bian was banned and asked Tari to accompany him to see romantic films at home (with recordings of Romeo and Rinjani). When in the film that was seen, there was a scene that kissed Tari closed his eyes and immediately went into the room, but he was restrained by Bian, and Bian went into Bian`s room, and they finally got married. After that, they kept watching. If the film shows its own scene, Tari says that one day they separate, Tari will pray that God will bring them together again.

Bian receives a call from Sarah saying she is back in an accident and is taken care of, at first Bian will not come to pick her up, but Tari allows it. It is said that Bian was unable to move from Sarah, although Bian is currently married to Tari. The closeness of Bian and Sarah always makes Tari jealous, so that Tari never left a few days because of the grief of seeing Bian and Sarah get closer. Having a dream wedding and a family is a natural thing for a woman. Even if, in reality, not all dreams come true. But what we have to understand is that a marriage is a sacred thing. It is not a question of human connection. It`s a promise to God in a Kabul degree. A sacred promise that could shake Arsy and make the illegitimate right of his cause.

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