Collective Agreement City Of Ottawa

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1. (1) The city may establish one or more municipal watersheds and impose one or more specific municipal taxes on municipal services, in accordance with Section 312 of the Municipal Services Act 2001, in order to increase all or part of its costs for the following services, including construction, construction, maintenance, operating costs , to improve, expand and fund these services. 12.11 (1) The city may legislate to regulate the operation and maintenance of a pond for the drainage of land operated on behalf of or on behalf of a person. 2000, about 5, 5 (7). 1. The city filed a special appeal in 2002. 2. The City exercises its land taxation authority with respect to prescribed benefits and does so in the regulatory years and in the prescribed terms. 1999, about 14, Sched. E, see 17 (2). (3) Subject to the limitations set out in this section, the City may continue to apply tax rates that would otherwise apply to taxation within a merger zone (12) in paragraphs 9 (1) and (2) of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton Act, as read on December 31, 2000, for city subsection allowances (11). , despite the repeal of this law. 1999, about 14, Sched.

E, see 5 (12). 3. The city may convene two or more local bodies, pursued by the subsection (2), to form a new local committee. 1999, about 14, Sched. E, see 10 (3). 2. If no collective agreement is in effect immediately before paragraph 1 comes into force, the most recent collective agreement, if it exists, is considered effective for the purposes of this Act as of that date and paragraph 1 applies with the necessary amendments. 1999, about 14, Sched. E, see 29 (2).

12.10 (1) The city may legislate on the maintenance and management of its sewers, sewers, sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and streams. 2000, about 5, 5 (7). 3. The object or vehicle that is removed and stored in accordance with point 1 and which is not claimed by the owner within sixty days is the property of the city and can be sold and the product is part of the general funds of the city. 2000, about 5, 5 (7). (c) an agreement under Part VIII of the Police Services Act; („conventional collective“) by controlling the decisions of former municipalities and their local boards of directors, which could have significant financial consequences for the city and its local boards; and (2) The city sets the size of the chamber in accordance with Article 49, paragraph 2, of the Health Protection Act. 2010, about 1, Sched. 2, see 2. (2) For the purposes of Subsection 1, the City may exercise its cultural, parks, recreation and heritage powers in accordance with the 2001 Municipal Act. 2002, about 17, Sched. F, painting.

12.8 (1) The City Council or a council committee may suspend or revoke an authorization granted in accordance with point 12.7 above if the conditions for granting or using it are not met or for any other reason that the by-law imposes.

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